Nursery Tours and Hanging Basket Classes This May

To celebrate the Hanging Basket program turning 80 this year, the City of Victoria is hosting two special opportunities for the community. 

  • Join City Parks staff for a free nursery tour to get a behind the scenes look at how and where the famous hanging baskets are built each year.  Get a few tips for your own summer baskets!  Thursday, May 11 at 10 a.m.. Please call 250.361.0732 to register for this free tour. You can also book online at  Please meet at the Parks Office in Beacon Hill Park (100 Cook Street).  There is parking on Nursery Road.

  • Register for a ‘Build Your Own Hanging Basket’ class.  Get expert instruction by the Parks staff who create 1,400 hanging baskets for the City each year.  You will learn how to plant your own ‘sun basket.’ May 13, 10 a.m.–noon.  Registration is required. $105 (Hardware can be returned after the summer season for a $25 cash refund.) The course will take place at the Parks Headquarters in Beacon Hill Park. Please call 250.361.0732 to register or visit


A short history of the hanging baskets in Victoria:

  • In 1936, City Parks Administrator Herb Warren was tasked with researching the prospect of placing hanging baskets on the streets of Victoria. Basing his research on the moss-lined wire baskets in England, several hundred sun baskets were placed on city streets in the summer of 1937.
  • The original sun baskets included miniature roses, fuchsias, begonias, petunias and geraniums. At the time, the practice of hanging flower baskets in public areas was limited to a few European cities.
  • Shade baskets were introduced in the 1990s and placed under large street trees where sun baskets would never reach their full potential.
  • Nine different varieties of plants are used to make the traditional ‘sun’ basket, with a total of 25 plants included in each