Sign up for Vic-Alert, Victoria's New Emergency Notification Service

The community is invited to sign up for Vic-Alert, the City of Victoria’s new emergency notification service. Vic-Alert informs residents, businesses, those who work or play downtown, and visitors of major emergencies or disasters that may impact them.

Vic-Alert will be used to deliver important emergency information, such as imminent threats (e.g. severe weather, power outages, tsunami), AMBER alerts, and local incidents that affect specific areas of Victoria. The service enables emergency notices to be disseminated City-wide or to targeted areas, which can be helpful for neighbourhood-specific emergencies such as a gas leak/evacuation.

With Vic-Alert, subscribers will receive emergency updates and helpful instructions where they are, when they need them. The service provides the option to receive notifications by text and voice recording/call. Because emergencies can happen at any time, it’s a good idea to include the voice recording/call notification. A phone call in the middle of the night may wake a person, while a text may not.

Signing up for Vic-Alert is quick and easy and can be done from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The service enables individuals to sign up family members as well.

To sign up for Vic-Alert.