Snow and Rain Storms a Reminder to Prepare

City crews are busy clearing streets and sidewalks of snow and ice, as another storm is predicted to arrive in Victoria today. Forecasts for snow, possible freezing rain and heavy rains tonight and into tomorrow will create a situation that can result in flooding.

Inclement weather is a reminder that everyone has an important role to play in keeping the community and property safe and dry during snow and rain storms. The City has crews out clearing the roads around catch basins and staff are on-call around the clock for possible emergencies. City crews will be using hand shovels, backhoes and small tractors to clear catch basins around the city with a focus on low lying areas. Citizens and business owners can also be as prepared as possible by following the tips below.

How to Prepare: 

  • Keep sidewalks, gutters, drains, and catch basins (storm drain grates) clear of snow, ice and other debris to prevent storm drains from clogging and flooding.
  • Determine where the storm drain grate is on your street and help to keep it clear (most are at intersections of roads, and low spots), and clear away snow or ice in advance with a shovel, so that melted snow and rain can run into the storm drains.
  • Property owners should also make sure their driveway and house drains are clear and can also take the runoff.

Who to Call:

  • To report water pooling or flooding on your street, call City of Victoria Public Works at 250.361.0400.
  • To report branches or a tree down, call the City of Victoria Parks Office at 250.361.0600. For service after hours (weekends, or weekdays before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m.), call 250.361.0400.
  • To report a power line down, call 911.
  • To report a power outage, call BC Hydro at 1.888.POWERON (1.888.769.3766).

During heavy snowfalls, there is a likelihood of power outages due to fallen trees or high winds. Residents should be prepared and have flashlights, blankets, a portable radio and spare batteries on hand in case of a power outage, and should avoid parking vehicles under trees or hydro wires if possible. Learn what you need at VictoriaReady