Tell Us What You Think About the Proposed Garden Suite Policy

Come and have your say at the public hearing on garden suites scheduled for April 13, 2017. The Council meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

We are seeking your input on a proposed Official Community Plan amendment to consider removing the rezoning requirement for garden suites.

Garden suites can add much needed rental housing to the city. Only 18 garden suites have been built since 2011. The rezoning process, which involves consultation with the neighbourhood and going before Council, is costly and takes a long time. We are proposing to change the requirement to rezone in order to encourage more home owners to build garden suites.

Based on your feedback, a privacy section has been added to the proposed Garden Suite Policy and Guidelines. This section addresses building garden suites to optimize privacy between neighbours, including recommendations for window orientation and prohibition of rooftop outdoor space. As a result, the Official Community Plan has to be amended because it refers to this policy.