Unity Pole in Front of the VicPD HQ Removed for Condition Assessment

The Unity Pole, created by Coast Salish carver Charles Elliott, has been removed from its location in front of the VicPD headquarters to assess its condition.

A recent wood strength test on the pole determined the structural integrity of the wood has been compromised. Due to the pole’s state of decay it is being removed, along with the 14 river rocks, time capsule and current bronze plaque at the base of the pole.

The City is working with the carver, VicPD and other stakeholders to determine repair and replacement options. The time capsule and stones are being placed in safe storage in the meantime. 

A new interpretive plaque with details of the removal and an image of the Unity Pole will be installed in early 2018.

Learn more about the Unity Pole http://landmarkspublicart.ca/Artwork/290