Street Performance Art: We Bring Medicine to the Street

We Bring Medicine to the Street

Street Performance Art
Lindsay Delaronde and Pascalle Ellefsen
Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 1 p.m.
838 Pandora Avenue, Lekwungen Territory
(Between Quadra and Amelia Streets)

We Bring Medicine to the Street is a street performance by the City of Victoria Indigenous Artist in Residence Lindsay Delaronde, co-created by colleague Pascalle Ellefsen, an emerging artist residing in Victoria, BC.

We Bring Medicine to the Street is a call to action through performance in the cityscape. The artists will be washing the pavement with water and medicines. This work attempts to facilitate integration of shifting perceptions - both personal and collective - of place and history. Using old ways of healing and prayer to heal the soul-wound of colonialism is the purpose of the project.

Bringing song to activity is an invitation for communion - in rhythm - with the physical action of washing, and the sacred cycles that give us Life. Bearing witness to this work is integral to its meaning, thus activating viewer into participant. Participation calls for two actions: first, to bring medicine with you to the performance as you hold space, and second, to sing (or hum, or groan) along. Hailing from the diasporic tradition of line-out hymnal, Precious Memories is the song chosen for the cleansing. It is to be sung, a capella, in call and response. Individuals are welcome to share their sacred songs with the group as the ritual comes to a close.

The performance will take place on Pandora Avenue, between Quadra and Amelia Streets. This work considers the communities who call the area home and individuals frequenting this site as part of their daily pilgrimage through poverty, grief or abandonment. This ritual onto the city floor operates through gestures of service - for reprieve, purification and nurturing - offering prayer and acknowledgment to all those present and away.

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