New Tenant Assistance Policy Begins September 1

As part of the work the City of Victoria is undertaking to address housing affordability, beginning September 1, a new Tenant Assistance Policy provides guidelines for tenant assistance when renters are required to move because their building is being redeveloped. The focus of the Tenant Assistance Policy is on protecting vulnerable tenants such as seniors, young families, and people with accessibility needs, who may have additional challenges finding an appropriate place to live. 

The Tenant Assistance Policy applies to rezoning applications where tenants will be required to find a new place to live as a result of the redevelopment. It also serves as a best-practice approach for any renovation or redevelopment situations where tenants are required to relocate.

The Tenant Assistance Policy is one of several initiatives the City of Victoria is undertaking as part of a Housing Strategy aimed at addressing housing affordability in Victoria and is intended to complement existing regulations under the Provincial Residential Tenancy Act.

For more information about the policy and the City’s housing initiatives, visit the Protecting Tenants and Rental Housing web page.