Lunch Time Lecture Monday, Feb 5 - Net Zero Energy Home

Join us on Monday, February 5 at City Hall for a Lunch Time Lecture, Net Zero Energy Home - Retrofitting a 120 Year Old Home, with Jack Meredith, P. Eng.

What can homeowners do to reduce their energy use and in turn lessen their climate change impact? Jack’s presentation will use a case study approach to show how an 1890’s era house in Vic West was retrofitted to reduce the home’s energy use enough that a 4.2 kWh Photo Voltaic (PV) system can produce sufficient energy to heat and power the 1400 square foot home.

Jack Meredith is a LEED Fellow Emeritus.

This lunch time lecture series explores city-making in the 21st century. What does Victoria look like in 30 to 40 years? How do we get there? Lunch Time Lectures at City Hall will provide doses of inspiration from near and far and will examine how, together, city hall, residents and businesses can seize the opportunities and challenges of being a leading-edge city in the 21st century.

All lectures run from noon to 1 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall and are webcast live and archived.

The Lunch Time Lecture series is hosted by Mayor Lisa Helps and Acting City Manager Jocelyn Jenkyns.