Lunch Time Lecture: Monday, November 5 - From NIMBY to YIMBY

Presented by Dr. Ann McAfee

Improving sustainability in the context of limited land and funds and many demands places pressure on city councils to make difficult choices. Policies to make more efficient use of existing infrastructure and provide housing choice in established neighbourhoods often pit existing residents against newcomers. In the mid-1990s Vancouver Council was faced with a NIMBY-YIMBY debate. Over three years Vancouver involved 100,000 people in identifying and directing city choices. This talk will describe the Vancouver engagement process, successes in finding shared values for change, and challenges in maintaining momentum in the context of changing political directions.  

As Co-Director of Planning from 1994-2006, Dr. McAfee led Vancouver’s CityPlan process. Since ‘retiring’ Ann has worked internationally advising on policy planning and public engagement. As advisor to Auckland’s Unitary Plan, Ann advanced public engagement methods using social media. Dr. McAfee is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners, a member of Lambda Alpha International Honorary Land Economics Society, and co-recipient of the Kevin Lynch award for distinguished planning practice. Ann is an Adjunct Professor of Planning at UBC.  

Hosted by Mayor Lisa Helps and City Manager Jocelyn Jenkyns, this lunch time lecture series explores city-making in the 21st century. What does Victoria look like in 30 to 40 years? How do we get there? Lunch Time Lectures at City Hall will provide doses of inspiration from near and far and will examine how, together, city hall, residents and businesses can seize the opportunities and challenges of being a leading-edge city in the 21st century.

All lectures run from noon to 1 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall and are webcast live and archived.