Remember to BYO Bag Victoria!

The Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw comes into effect on July 1, 2018. 

This means businesses in Victoria will no longer be providing single-use plastic checkout bags.  The best way to reduce waste is to "BYO Bag".  We've included some tips to help you remember your reusable shopping bags below.  Most stores will be offering paper and reusable bags for a fee.

Looking for tips to remember your reusable bag?

The Grade 5 class at James Bay Elementary brainstormed 10 tips to help you remember your reusable bags!


Here are a few of our favourite tips:

  • Place a few reusable bags in your glove box or on the back seat of your car. 
    Pair this with a BYO Bag window reminder decal (watch for them at the City's pop-up information stations this summer) and you'll always have a bag or two on hand for all of the incredible shopping Victoria has to offer.
  • Hang a few reusable bags by your door or by your keys.
    Grab a few on your way out and happy shopping!
  • Pop a few in your panier.
    Heading out biking for the day?  You never know when you'll come across a farmer's market or something else irresitable along the way.

Got a few more minutes? 
Watch the top 7 community videos about reusable bags here.

To learn more about the new bylaw, click here.