WANTED: "Earthquake Evacuees" for Emergency Reception Exercise

WANTED: Individuals, families and their pets to portray “Evacuees” who have been displaced from their homes due to a major earthquake.

Break out your acting skills and volunteer to participate in Emergency Management Victoria’s emergency reception centre exercise on Sunday, November 18 from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. at the James Bay Community School Centre at 140 Oswego Street.

Don’t be afraid to ham it up! The more realistic the exercise, the better prepared the Victoria Red Cross ESS team will be.

Volunteer evacuees will have an opportunity to win a Grab & Go emergency kit, and complimentary refreshments will be provided. Pets are welcome. Dogs should be on leash and cats are to arrive in carrying cases.

Emergency Management Victoria is the City’s resource for helping the community prepare for an emergency. With the assistance of the South Island Pets Team, the reception centre exercise will provide the Victoria Red Cross Emergency Social Services (ESS) team an opportunity to practise their skills, and volunteer evacuees will gain an understanding of how a reception centre works and the types of services provided.

The Victoria Red Cross ESS team is a partnership between the City and Canadian Red Cross to provide seamless services to those impacted by emergencies during the initial 72 hours of an emergency response, through to the recovery phase.

What is a Reception Centre?

A reception centre is a safe place for those displaced by an emergency to obtain short-term services such as meals, clothing and toiletries, temporary lodging, assistance in re-uniting with loved ones, and information updates. Special services such as pet care and emotional support may also be offered.

In the event of a major earthquake, it could take several days for reception centres to be established, which is why it is important to have an emergency kit with enough food, water and supplies for you and your family to cope up to seven days without outside assistance.

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