Commercial Alley Outdoor Art Gallery Features Artwork by Fern Long

‘Home’ is the theme of original artwork created by local artist Fern Long, now featured as the Commercial Alley Outdoor Art Gallery’s seventh installation. Located on the west wall of the Youth Empowerment Society building on the 500 Block of Yates Street, the outdoor gallery showcases temporary installations by local artists to add colour and vitality to the area.

Long’s proposal was one of 19 submissions the City received earlier this year in response to a juried Call to Artists for emerging artists and artist teams. Her proposal for the annual four-panel 1.2-metre by 2.4-metre artwork explores the idea of ‘home’ by using house-shaped cuts in layers of paint and collaged imagery. The artwork will be on display until August 2020.

Fern Long is a Victoria-based contemporary artist. She is a member of the BOXCARSIX artist collective and is a graduate from the Vancouver Island School of Art. Through painting, drawing and sculpture, she builds structures that explore the spaces we inhabit and move through physically and emotionally.

The Commercial Alley Outdoor Art Gallery initiative was launched in 2014 with an installation by Other (a.k.a. Troy Lovegates), followed by artworks by Roy Green, Liz P. Dempsey, Daniel Ellingsen, Kai Choufour, and most recently, Austin Clay Willis.