LUNCH & LEARN - Anticipating Earthquakes: The Where, The When, The How Big

Join us for guest lecturer Edwin Nissen, an Associate Professor and the Canada Research Chair in Geophysics at the University of Victoria, who will speak about the science behind earthquakes at the Lunch & Learn "Anticipating Earthquakes: The Where, The When, The How Big" on Wednesday, September 25 from noon - 1 p.m. in the City Hall Antechamber.

The free lecture will begin as a 101 lesson on faults, the earthquake cycle, and seismic waves. We'll learn about the important difference between earthquake magnitude and intensity scales, before considering how to prepare for and what to do in an earthquake, as well as the differences between earthquake prediction, forecasting, and early warning.

Although earthquakes cannot be predicted, the earthquake science community is making great progress towards anticipating their locations, magnitudes, and likelihoods: perhaps even before the shaking is felt.

Please RSVP to by Friday, September 20.

About Edwin Nissen

Edwin Nissen is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Geophysics at University of Victoria, where he leads a research group studying earthquakes and active tectonics. Nissen grew up in London, UK. His taste for tectonics developed during his B.A. degree in Geology at Cambridge. Nissen obtained a Ph.D. at Oxford and went back to Cambridge for three years, before moving to North America in 2011. He worked for a year at Arizona State University and five years at Colorado School of Mines, before moving to Victoria in 2017. Nissen's career has seen him migrate slowly from one of the least earthquake prone countries in the world towards one of its most interesting, enigmatic, and potentially dangerous plate boundary zones.