Rainfall Warning

Everyone has an important role to play in keeping the community and properties safe and dry during heavy rain storms.  

Here's what residents and businesses can do to help prevent flooding:

  • Please help keep sidewalks, gutters, drains, and storm drain grates clear of leaves to prevent storm drains from clogging and flooding.
  • Do not rake leaves onto streets and do not push leaves into drains.
  • Determine where the storm drain grate is on your street and help us keep it clear. Please rake leaves and tree needles away from grates and onto the boulevard, to allow rain water to enter freely.
  • Placing leaves in clear, 100% compostable bags also helps prevent flooding. Residential leaf pick-up is now underway. Learn more here.

Pooling Water If you see water pooling in your street during heavy rain, please call 250.361.0400 for assistance from City crews at any time.

Safe Travels When driving or cycling, be mindful of large puddles in curb lanes, on low areas of roads and at the bottom of hills, as well as areas with large leafy trees. Reduce speed to avoid vehicles from stalling.