EV Chargers Open on Broad Street

Mayor Lisa Helps joined members of the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association to officially open the electric vehicle (EV) chargers on Broad Street. 

“Everyone deserves a sustainable community and as a City we have been focused on every action we can take to build a future-ready city prepared for what is coming,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “We know that electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity. These EV chargers support the switch to zero emissions vehicles and are one more step in our work to tackle the climate crisis.”

Victoria set emissions reduction targets in the 2018 Climate Leadership Plan which included a commitment to expand EV charging stations in City parkades, recreation centres, community centres, and public spaces.

“We represent more than 1,000 members and are pleased to participate in this exciting event,” said David Grove, President of the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association. “The rapid shift to electric motive power is a response to the demand for low-carbon transportation options and the City of Victoria is embracing this by expanding the region’s electric vehicle charging network. All EV drivers look forward to finding many more convenient and enabling charge points in the future.”

The six new Level 2 EV chargers on Broad Street will allow EVs to charge for up to 90 minutes. Each 90-minute charge on a Level 2 charger is usually sufficient to drive an average EV up to 50 kilometres.

This installation is Victoria’s first venture into on-street EV charging with EV chargers already located in each of the City-owned parkades. Funding for the chargers and the installation has been provided in part by NRCAN’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program in partnership with BC Hydro.