Prepare for Ice and Snow

With Environment Canada forecasting snow and cold temperatures in the coming days, it's important to be prepared for all that Mother Nature can bring!

The City of Victoria closely monitors weather and forecasts to prepare for our response to winter conditions. The City uses dedicated weather services, pavement temperature sensors, and physically monitors the conditions on the streets and sidewalks to determine what action to take to minimize slippery conditions. When cold temperatures are anticipated, City crews begin to brine roads to prevent icing conditions. Here's how we prioritize ice and snow removal.

Sidewalk Clearing

There are over 450 kilometres of sidewalks in Victoria, so a community effort is required to make sidewalks safe.

Residents and businesses are reminded that under the Streets and Traffic Bylaw, they are required to clear ice from sidewalks in front of their property by 10 a.m. each day.

Please ensure you’re using environmentally sensitive ice melt products on sidewalks and driveways, and please avoid using rock salt, as it is harmful to concrete sidewalks, pets’ paws and the environment. Ice melt products should be applied only moderately to avoid ice accumulation.

Bike Lane Clearing

The City clears and salts protected bike lanes in the downtown core. Crews use an assortment of bobcats with brooms and buckets.

Conventional painted bike lanes are cleared and salted as part of the City's overall snow removal program.

Cyclists should ride with caution in wintery conditions. Ice, black ice and snow are challenging to navigate.

How to Prepare for Winter Conditions

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