City Crews Responding to Localized Flooding

Updated at 5 p.m.

City crews continue to assess and address localized flooding and fallen trees and branches due to heavy rainfall and high winds.

Flooding in Parks

Several areas within parks have been impacted by localized flooding, including parts of Beacon Hill Park around Goodacre Lake, Gonzales Park, Banfield Park, Vic West Park, Raynor Park, and David Spencer Park.

Signage has been posted to avoid potentially unsafe beach locations due to high waves and debris, such as the stairways and pathways to waterfront areas along Dallas Road, Ross Bay and Gonzales Bay.

Please use caution in these areas and other public areas impacted by localized flooding. Closures will be re-evaluated on Tuesday.

All sport fields, with the exception of Finlayson Turf, are temporarily closed due to saturation and standing water. The fields will be reassessed on Wednesday to see if they can be reopened. For the latest on sport field conditions, please check the Sport Field Status and Condition page.

Downed Trees and Branches

Saturated ground and high winds can lead to fallen trees and branches. Crews are responding to calls and will remain on standby overnight. Please stay away from fallen trees and branches and allow trained arborists to attend and clear the debris safely. Tree failures can be reported to our Parks division at 250.361.0600. After hours your call is forwarded to the Fire Department who will dispatch to Public Works to attend.

If you see a downed power line, or trees on power lines, stay away and call 911. Keep a distance of at least 10 metres (33 feet), which is about the length of a transit bus.

Flooding on Streets

Since Sunday, Public Works crews have been actively working to resolve weather related issues and address calls from the public. Thank you for your patience as staff continue to manage the ongoing situation.

Crews continue to clear blocked storm drain grates and collect leaves from residential properties. If you spot a blocked storm drain grate at risk of causing flooding and you're unable to clear it, please contact Public Works at 250.361.0400.

Crews maintain 5,700 storm drains and residents can help reduce flooding by:

  • Keeping leaves and debris out of storm drains
  • Using a rake or broom to remove leaves and debris from the tops of storm drains
  • Safely clearing a channel for water runoff if a street drain appears to be blocked
  • Avoiding piling yard waste on streets or in a location where it could wash into drains
  • Calling Public Works if the drain cannot be cleared, or if the cause of the blockage or flooding is uncertain at 250.361.0400

Learn more about how to reduce flooding in your neighbourhood at