City Launches Road Safety Campaign

This fall, in partnership with the CRD Traffic Safety Commission, the City is launching a road user safety campaign for All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling routes.

The educational campaign will run over the next several months and focus on promoting positive and respectful behaviour among all road users. Residents can also sign up for free bike rides to learn more about the rules of the road on neighbourhood bikeways and multi-use pathways. The themed rides will feature popular destinations and AAA cycling routes and best practices for sharing space with other road users.

“As we continue to expand mobility options in our community, we are reminding users that everyone has a shared responsibility in road safety,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “Whether you drive, walk or ride, knowing the rules of the road and being respectful makes getting around Victoria not only safer, but more fun and enjoyable for everyone.”

In conjunction, the Victoria Police Department is running a back-to-school safety campaign throughout September, reminding drivers that school zones are back in effect. The campaign will include traffic enforcement at schools throughout Victoria and promotional content reminding users to slow down and be alert for other road users, including children walking and biking to school.

“VicPD is looking forward to supporting students, school staff, and families in a safe return to the classroom,” said Chief Del Manak. “Our officers and VicPD Speed Watch volunteers will be out in the community conducting enforcement and education, reminding everyone that school zones are back in effect. Let’s all do our part to slow down and keep school zones safe so that students can focus on learning, growing and thriving.”

Everyone is reminded to follow the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act, know the right of way, keep a safe distance from others, and focus on the route ahead by avoiding distractions. Those driving and riding also need to yield to pedestrians at all intersections and painted crosswalks.

The growing network of All Ages and Abilities cycling routes connects destinations within the city and around the region. Recently completed projects such as the Vancouver Street and Graham Street neighbourhood bikeways feature reduced speeds and vehicle volumes and provide comfortable riding connections to downtown and local parks. The Galloping Goose Trail and Dallas Road Waterfront are great for both recreation and commuting and feature shared spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and others.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to look for road safety tips throughout the fall and learn more at schools, community centres, bike shops, and libraries.

For more information on how to safely move on Victoria’s AAA network and where to sign up for guided group rides visit