Dallas Road Upgrades Create Welcoming Recreation Space

The City has completed upgraded amenities and infrastructure at Dallas Road and Memorial Crescent to improve accessibility and create more outdoor recreation space for residents and visitors to safely gather.

 Improvements include a new public plaza and sidewalk on the west side of Ross Bay Cemetery, new and upgraded curb cuts and crosswalks, accessible parking stalls, a barrier-free 20-foot-long harvest picnic table with six wheelchair accessible spaces, and a new ramp and seasonal beach mat to support wheelchair access to the beach. These upgrades, along with other asset renewal projects in the area, were completed in coordination with the Capital Regional District’s Wastewater Treatment Project.

“Dallas Road is more than a popular recreation spot, it’s an iconic destination that should be welcoming for all residents and visitors to enjoy, especially during the pandemic when accessible, safe spaces to gather are limited,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “Removing barriers and adding inclusive public amenities like the harvest table and beach ramp are small improvements that go a long way to creating inclusive recreation spaces where everyone can experience the simple joy of taking in the view at a picnic table or cooling down at the water on a hot summer’s day.”

Completion of these accessibility upgrades is a part of implementing the City’s Accessibility Framework.