Emergency Preparedness Week is May 2 – 8

May 2 to 8, 2021 is National Emergency Preparedness Week and it is the perfect time for you and your loved ones to take action to ensure that you are prepared for any kind of emergency. This year, the theme is Emergency Preparedness: Be Ready for Anything - the intent is to encourage Canadians to take action to become better prepared for the range of emergencies that they could face in their region.

A great way to make sure that you are notified of emergencies that may impact Victoria is by signing up for the City’s new emergency notification system Vic Alert powered by Alertable. Signing up for Vic-Alert is easy and can be done from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You can sign up to receive emergency notifications by text message, email, or phone call, however, we do encourage residents to sign up for the app to receive additional emergency notification information. To learn more and to register, check out victoria.ca/VicAlert.

Emergency Preparedness Week is another great opportunity to highlight the Four Steps to Emergency Preparedness: Know your risks, Make a plan, Get your kit together, and Get connected! To learn more about the Four Steps to Emergency Preparedness and how you can be prepared for all types of emergencies, check out VictoriaReady.ca and PrepareYourself.ca.

Everyone has a role to play in an emergency, but the good news is, you’re more prepared than you think!