Have Your Say: Downtown Core Area Design Guidelines


Have Your Say: Draft Updated Design Guidelines for the Downtown Core Area

The City is currently seeking feedback on draft Updated Design Guidelines for new buildings and additions within the Downtown Core Area. 

The draft Design Guidelines aim to provide clear direction for designers, architects and property owners who are planning a new building, retrofit or addition to an existing building within the Downtown Core Area. The Design Guidelines are an important evaluation tool for City staff and Council when reviewing new development applications to ensure that a proposed development is a ‘good fit’ within the downtown, demonstrates an appropriate design response and enhances the surrounding context and public realm. 

The guidelines focus on how buildings interact with streets and open spaces to create comfortable, human-scaled, pedestrian-oriented and memorable public spaces. 

Visit engage.victoria.ca to register for Have Your Say and learn more about the draft Design Guidelines, ask questions, or provide your feedback. Feedback from this phase of engagement will inform further refinements to the draft Design Guidelines before they are presented to Council. This phase of engagement is open until April 30, 2021.