Have Your Say: Official Community Plan Update

The Official Community Plan, or OCP, is the high-level policy document that guides decisions like: Where will new housing and businesses be located? How will our transportation systems function? And how should we respond to climate change?

The OCP provides a vision for Victoria in 2041, and goals, objectives, and policies to get us there. Adopted in 2012, Victoria’s OCP includes a process for regular reviews and updates to ensure we are achieving our goals and can respond to emerging issues.

Part of regular maintenance of the OCP includes updating the plan, often through comprehensive local area planning processes. In recent years, we have also engaged the community to create other city-wide plans that focus on other priorities.

They include:

  • The Climate Leadership Plan
  • Go Victoria: Sustainable Mobility Strategy
  • The Transgender, Non-Binary and Two-Spirit + Inclusion Action Plan
  • Accessibility Framework
  • Victoria 3.0 – our economic action plan for recovery and resilience.

We are now updating the OCP to align it with these plans which represent the community’s shared values on these important topics. All of the amendments will help us respond to emerging issues like the housing crisis and improve clarity and understanding of the OCP.

Have Your Say
This is your Official Community Plan. Have your say during this first phase of early engagement. More specific information and questions will be available in the next round of engagement. Please visit  Have Your Say to learn more and share your feedback.