New Electric FireBolts Come to the City

The Victoria Fire Department has deployed five 2020 Chevrolet Bolt LT electric vehicles (EVs). The new EVs, fondly referred to as FireBolts, will replace three, small gas-powered pick-up trucks and two mid-size SUVs previously used by the Fire Prevention Division.

“Victoria is transitioning our City fleet to electric and these new additions to the Fire Department are another great step in this work,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “Greater Victoria has the highest percentage of EV sales in Canada and the City is excited to lead by example by transitioning our own fleet.”

To support this new EV fleet, two Level 2 chargers have been installed at the Victoria Fire Department Headquarters on Yates Street. Thanks to the estimated 400-kilometre range per battery charge, the FireBolts are not at risk of running out of range while performing their duties. The Fire Prevention Division will use the EVs to travel to various locations throughout the city to conduct fire safety inspections and deliver community safety education sessions.

“It is encouraging to witness the transition of the Fire Department fleet to electric technologies, implementing climate-friendly alternatives where we are able to,” said Fire Chief Paul Bruce. “Our Mechanical Division has been investigating these developing technologies and recommending their use as we progress towards decreasing our carbon footprint.”

The procurement of new fleet vehicles is managed by the City’s Engineering and Public Works Department which is also in the process of developing the City’s Green Fleet Plan in 2021. This Plan will provide clear direction on actions and policies required to support the widespread transition of the City’s fleet from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to EVs and other renewably-fueled transportation alternatives. 

The addition of the new EVs supports the City’s Climate Leadership Plan target that “by 2040, 80 per cent of the City fleet is electrified or renewably powered.” With the addition of the FireBolts, the City now has 16 EVs and five e-bikes as part of its fleet.