Safety Reminder: Beach Fires Not Allowed in Victoria

As we head into the long weekend and the unofficial start of summer, the public is reminded that beach fires are not allowed in Victoria. For public safety and environmental protection, fires are not allowed in any park, including beaches. This includes natural gas and propane appliances.

Smoke from beach fires can impact air quality for nearby residents. When burned, salt-saturated driftwood releases carcinogenic dioxins into the air. Beach fires are also a risk to coastal plants, trees and wildlife and pose a risk to nearby homes.

People and pets can be seriously burned by leftover beach fires that are smothered by sand instead of water and remain hot.

For first responders, beach fires are often difficult to access due to their location. The Victoria Fire Department responds to nearly 200 beach fire calls each year that put people’s health, property and the environment at risk.

A beach fire offence can result in a fine ranging from $350 to $2,000.

To report a beach fire, please call the Victoria Fire Department’s non-emergency number at 250.391.6624.