Welcome to our new City Blog!

Welcome to our new City Blog!

We are excited to launch a new way of communicating with you, and hope that it won’t just be a one-way conversation. Join in – we want to hear from you.

So, why would the City of Victoria decide to start a blog? Because City matters are important to you, and it’s important to us to provide you with easy access to information.  This blog is one tool in a series of improvements aimed at providing better information on topics that impact you ever day, including our website, Open Data catalogue, garbage collection reminder service, Have Your Say, Council webcasting, VicMap, social media, Connect newsletter and more.

Some of the most relevant interactions you will have in any given day with any level of government will be with your local municipality – in our case, the City of Victoria. When you turn on your tap in the morning and clean water comes out, that’s us. When you drive to work on safe roads and trust that your garbage will be collected on a regular basis, that’s us. When you visit your local park and your kids play on a safe playground, that’s us. If you have ever had to call the fire department to respond to an emergency, you know how important that service is. Again, that’s us. The truth is, municipalities play an important and relevant role in your everyday life.

City staff have a great deal of knowledge about things that are important to you – information that we don’t always get to share on a day-to-day basis. We decided to start this blog as a way to share some of that information with you, as an added value to the tax-payer. Our intention is to provide you with useful, interesting and valuable information with real benefits.

We’ll be looking at topics like:

  • what do you need to include in an emergency preparedness kit at home
  • gardening tips from Master Gardeners
  • energy efficiency ideas for your home
  • tips for swimming safety from our Lifeguards
  • what do I need to know before applying for a permit to renovate a bathroom
  • how to create your own hanging basket

… And much more. We welcome your input and suggestions into topics you would like to see covered here.

We hope you will enjoy reading our City Blog, and we look forward to hearing your comments. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to ensure you never miss a post.


The Communications and Civic Engagement Team

PS. Please take a moment to read our policy on commenting, and who is responsible at the City for updating this blog. Thank you!