Party? What Party?

What does it take to clean up after a 12 hour party for 70,000 guests?

Canada Day Living Flag Canada Day before Victoria-20140702-01654 Victoria-20140702-01659

Canada Day clean-up efforts included:

  • A five person Street Cleaning crew to collect garbage and keep 32 km of streets and sidewalks clear through the day.  They maintained more than 250 garbage cans during and after the event.
  • Collecting approximately two tonnes of litter using six backpack blowers and 10 City vehicles.
  • Minimizing waste by having all Flavour of Canada food vendors use recyclable products. 80 recycling bins were available during the festivities. The Canada Day Green Team made sure food and packaging was recycled and composted. 
  • Public Works crews placing and then removing more than 300 signs, sleeves and barricades downtown.
  • A 10 person Public Works crew swept downtown streets and sidewalks for five hours after the fireworks.
  • Parks staff touched up the flower beds after the party.
  • Incredible business owners and community partners who helped host and clean up after the party.

A huge shout out to everyone involved!   Thank you Victoria!


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  1. I am trying to get a picture of the whole flag. You have the same picture as the TC.
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