Victoria Voted #3 in the World for Friendliest Cities

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The readers of Condé Nast Traveler have voted Victoria as one of the top friendliest cities in the world, right behind Melbourne and Auckland that tied for first.  Condé Nast readers gave Victoria a score of 85.7, and the winners both received 86.

Here’s what their poll said:
There’s just so much to do in Victoria, you need at least a week to see it. “Bike on the Galloping Goose, people-watch at Moka House Coffee, sip wine (by) Beacon Hill Park, go whale watching, and on and on,” one of our readers advises. “The inner harbor is worth a day wandering around,” another adds. While you’re there, look for the stunning Fairmont Empress Hotel, which is well worth “a walk through, even if you don’t go for high tea.”

As a resident or a visitor, what are your favourite things about friendly Victoria?

2 thoughts on “Victoria Voted #3 in the World for Friendliest Cities”

  1. Victorians as a rule are so helpful to tourists. See someone looking at a map, they won’t be looking long before a local asks if they need help or directions. We really do want them to have a great time in our lovely city.

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