The 101 of Growing Food in the City

Growing your own food – it’s provides a sense of accomplishment, connection to nature and feeling of self-sufficiency. If you are like many people living in a city, you might think that growing food is the sole responsibility – and privilege – of farmers, or country dwellers. The truth is, anyone can grow a food garden, even if you only have access to a small patio or rooftop.  It’s a great way to ensure easy access to affordable and healthy food. As grandma always used to say, growing your own food is like planting money.

Steve Curry, one of our knowledgeable horticulturists at the City will be offering some tips over the summer on how to grow and maintain your food garden. This first installment is about general care for an urban container garden, but these tips apply to any garden – backyard, boulevard, or elsewhere.

Let us know if there are any tips you would like us to cover, and we’ll do our best to include it in a series we are calling “Growing Food in the City”. And remember, anyone can plant a food garden – get your hands dirty and tell us about yours!


4 thoughts on “The 101 of Growing Food in the City”

  1. It’s great you are doing this! Would love to get more info on pest/disease control, and soil science.

  2. I live in a second story apartment and I’m blessed with a front sun facing balcony. I miss having a backyard garden but wasn’t willing to give up having greenery and some edible veggies to enjoy so I’m trying out a potted veggie garden.
    I have cucumbers in a large pot and they’re spreading out like crazy and two tomato plants, a bean plant, two sweet peas, strawberries and even lettuce! Each type of plant is in its own pot and the lettuce I planted in a old kitty litter box, which worked surprisingly well! I’d like to hear about more urban gardening, for those of us who don’t have plots of land!

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