Dealing with Pesky Pests – Growing Food in the City

We’ve been talking a lot about growing food in the City this summer, and when we posted our last video on this topic, we asked you what topics you would like to learn about from our knowledgeable City gardeners. One of the most common comments we heard back was about pest control – seems those pesky aphids and other pests are a bothersome issue for gardeners, no matter where you are planting your crop.

So we asked Steve Curry, an experienced horticulturalist with the City, how to take care of pests in a safe, and non-toxic way. Check out the video for his tips, featuring plants from our edible rooftop “demonstration garden.”

Never thought about growing food before?  Read our earlier blog from this summer about how we got started. We want to hear from you about where you’d like to see more food grown in the City of Victoria. If you’ve never grown a thing in your life, have a serious green thumb, or are anywhere in between please share your feedback in a short survey. Tell us your thoughts on growing food in the City before August 4, 2015.

Thanks, and happy growing!