Have You Been Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Victoria – Canada’s Most Romantic City? That’s the title that Amazon.ca recently bestowed upon Victoria, confirming what many of us have always known about our picturesque, seaside city. We’re not known as the newly wed and nearly dead anymore.

With this accolade under our belts and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we would map some data that might help unattached Victorians share in this prestigious award. So with this, we present to you “Single in the City”, a map using Open Date-ah. (ba dum bum CHING)

The map, using 2011 Census data, shows which neighbourhoods in Victoria have the highest concentration of singles, overlaid with local grocery stores (marked by hearts on the map, of course)… because grocery stores are a great place to meet people. After all, you can tell who a person really is by looking at what they have in their cart!

The data shows that the highest concentration of singles overall are in North Park, Harris Green and Downtown. More single males live in Downtown and North Park than anywhere else in the city, whereas single women are more likely to be found in North Park and South Jubilee.  North Park residents, are you paying attention?


Interestingly, the neighbourhoods with no grocery stores are also the two with the fewest singles in the city – Gonzales and Rockland. Coincidence?

Click here to view the map in its entirety, including a breakdown by neighbourhood, gender and age group.

And hey, if the map works out for you, there are number of romantic things happening around the city in the month of February. Find one of four “Kissing Spots” in the city for a quick smooch, and wander down Douglas Street to see the “pink lights of love”.

And if you’re lucky in love this Valentines, or already have a special Valentine, take note that you could be one of the first people to get married at City Hall this year. We’re opening up our historic public building for greater use by the public. The first date available for wedding ceremonies will be May 20, 2016.  If that’s taking things to the next level a bit too quickly, City Hall will be open for weddings again in August and December.

In the meantime, love is in the air in Victoria this month and your chances of finding love might be higher depending on where you are.


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