Get Your Kit Together Victoria!


(Updated May 8, 2017)
With it being National Emergency Preparedness Week, now is the time to make sure your family is prepared to cope for up to seven days without outside assistance depending on the nature of the emergency.

The City of Victoria is susceptible to a range of natural and human-induced emergencies, and has a one-in-three probability of experiencing a damaging earthquake in the next 50 years.

Fortunately, Victoria has strong, interconnected and resilient communities.

Disaster-resilient communities are made up of people who practise ‘everyday readiness’ such as getting to know your neighbours, making sure your cell phone is always charged, and buying extra nonperishable food each time you’re at the store.

Not sure what to include in your emergency kit? Canned food that is ready-to-eat without requiring water for cooking, granola bars and trail mix, a manual can opener, water, flashlight, whistle, blankets, first aid supplies, hand sanitizer, and a radio with extra batteries or a crank-operated radio are some of the supplies you may want to consider including.

Water is key as clean water may be limited or unavailable in a large-scale emergency. Your supply should allow for four litres of water per day, per person to drink, cook with, and for basic hygiene. Store a seven-day supply, or more, if you are able to do so.

Keep emergency supplies at home, at work and in your vehicle with items tailored to those environments. Remember to include items like photographs, toys, chocolate/candy and other supplies that will provide comfort to you and your family in an emergency. And remember to include your pets in your emergency planning!

To learn more about what you and your family need to be prepared:

  • Register for an upcoming FREE Emergency Preparedness Workshop on May 10 or 24 at Victoria City Hall. Our workshop schedule is available online.
  • Check out the Get Your Kit Together video series for helpful tips on what to include in your emergency kits.
  • Take a look at our sample kit lists for home, work, your vehicle, children and pets.

National Emergency Preparedness Week (May 7 – 13, 2017) is held annually the first week of May and is designed to raise awareness of the importance of having an emergency kit and making an emergency plan. This year’s theme is Plan. Prepare. Be Aware. It is meant to help Canadians take action to protect themselves and their families during emergencies.

Emergency Management Victoria is the City of Victoria’s leader in emergency preparedness and response. For more information, visit: