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  • “One of the best field trips in the history of Canada…”

    The City of Victoria recently hosted over 700 students at Public Works Day. Here is one student’s reflections on his day: Dear Public Works Department, Thank you for the awesome field trip to Public Works!  It was probably one of the best field trips ever in the history of Canada!  I was the blonde kid...

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  • Pop-Up Open House. By Bike.

    We’re currently asking people what it would take to get out of their car and onto a bike.  So we took up the challenge ourselves and decided to hit the road to our first open house…by bike. Our open houses are designed to be interactive and educational and we try to pop-up in neighbourhoods across...

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  • One Mom’s Quest to be Emergency Prepared

    With this week being National Emergency Preparedness Week, I ask myself – is my family prepared for a damaging earthquake? Not as much as I’d like us to be, and I write about emergency preparedness as part of my job. As a busy working mom of two active kids, with an equally busy husband, I...

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  • Welcome to our new City Blog!

    Welcome to our new City Blog! We are excited to launch a new way of communicating with you, and hope that it won’t just be a one-way conversation. Join in – we want to hear from you. So, why would the City of Victoria decide to start a blog? Because City matters are important to...

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