Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios add vibrancy to City streets. They provide inclusive and welcoming public spaces for people to meet, relax and dine.

The Outdoor Patio Program launched in April 2023 following the adoption of the Patio Regulation Bylaw.

Patio Regulation Bylaw

The Outdoor Patio Licence replaces the existing Sidewalk Café Program. Current Sidewalk Café Licence holders are required to transition to the new Outdoor Patio program by December 31, 2023. Busineses can select from several new Patio Licence options for 2024 if they meet updated requirements and terms and conditions. All current Sidewalk Cafe Licence holders must follow the new Patio Program application process but the $100 application fee will be waived. Upon receipt of your application, the City will inspect your patio to ensure it meets all updated guidelines. 

Food and beverage businesses with a valid business licence can apply to establish an outdoor patio on public property. Patios are licensed annually. They must be safe, accessible and maintain functional access to City infrastructure. Patios are not guaranteed in every location. They are subject to technical requirements driven by municipal priorities and site characteristics.

Licence Application Process

City staff will work with applicants to investigate each site. Staff can help determine suitable options and collaboratively generate design solutions. All costs for planning, installing and maintaining patios are the responsibility of the business. The process is as follows:

  1. Read the Outdoor Patio Information Guide [PDF/1.8MB]. The guide has information about the program and can help prepare you for a pre-application meeting.
  2. Book a pre-application site meeting with City staff by emailing eng@victoria.ca.
  3. Complete the online application form and submit all required documents.
  4. Pay the application fee ($100). City staff will contact you to process the payment.
  5. Install the patio following approved terms and conditions.
  6. Book a patio inspection by emailing eng@victoria.ca.
  7. Pay the patio licence fee. City staff will contact you to process the payment.
  8. Obtain the patio licence, apply the patio decal and begin operations.

Fees, fines and licence rates are included in the Patio Regulation Bylaw and depend on the location and type of patio. Schedule B of the Patio Regulation Bylaw (No. 23-035) (p. 24–28) outlines the fee areas and associated rate tables.

Map of Fee Areas

2023-2024 Patio Rate Fees (Per Square Foot)
Fee AreaSimple Complex 
2025 and Following Years Patio Rate Fees (Per Square Foot)
Fee AreaSimple Complex