Short-Term Rentals

Please Note:

Both provincial and municipal regulations for short-term rentals must be followed. Please review the new provincial rules for short-term rentals. Under the Province’s overarching rules, each municipality determines their specific regulations and bylaws. The City of Victoria is currently reviewing its Short-Term Rental Regulation Bylaw, but at this point these bylaws have not changed.


The City of Victoria allows short-term rentals for eligible operators. Eligible operators must have a Short-Term Rental Business Licence and follow operating rules.

Short-Term Rental Regulation Bylaw


Currently, you may be eligible to operate a short-term rental if:

  • your short-term rental unit is your principal dwelling unit:
    • the whole unit on occasion (for example, when you are on vacation)
    • up to two bedrooms in your unit with shared kitchen and living spaces
  • you own a unit where transient accommodation was a permitted use and your property was used as a short-term rental prior to September 2017.

Upcoming Changes
It is expected that new provincial regulations will come into effect on May 1, 2024 at which point short-term rentals will only be permitted as part of a principal residence. This means that on May 1, 2024,  you will not be able to operate a short-term rental in a non-principal residence, even if you hold a Non-Principal Resident Operator Licence from the City.

Please note: You are required to obtain a 2024 business licence for your short-term rental even if you plan to operate for only part of the year (e.g., until May 1). These business licences will not be pro-rated and partial refunds will not be issued. 

You are not eligible if the short-term rental unit is a self-contained dwelling unit (i.e., secondary or garden suites). However, a tenant may rent it out on occasion with the owner’s permission.

For more information about eligibility, view Schedule D – Home Occupations [PDF/49KB].

Short-Term Rental Business Licence Application

You may apply for a short-term rental business licence by sending a complete application and supporting documentation to

Note: You must include all required documents and consent (owner and strata) for your application to be reviewed. All Short-Term Rental Business Licences must be re-applied for annually.

The cost for Short-Term Rental Business Licences varies depending on the type of unit:

  • Principal residence: $150
  • Legal non-conforming units: $1,500

Appeal Process

If you are denied a Short-Term Rental Business Licence, you may ask that City Council reconsiders your application. You will have the opportunity to submit your reasons for reconsideration, and Council may decide to either uphold or deny your appeal.

Short-Term Rental Business Licence Appeal Process Policy [PDF/87KB] 

Start a request for appeal by sending an email to the City Clerk’s Office at

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