Zoning in Victoria is regulated by the Zoning Regulation Bylaw and the Downtown Core Area is regulated by the Zoning Bylaw 2018 [PDF/3MB]. These bylaws regulate:

  • what uses are permitted
  • the type and size of buildings and structures that may be constructed
  • minimum lot sizes
  • landscaping requirements
  • required off-street parking for vehicles and bicycles

If your development plans do not meet the use or density of the existing zoning, you may have to apply for Rezoning.

You can find the zone of a property on VicMap. To view zoning information, click on a property or choose the ‘Planning and Development Theme’ option under the ‘Show Layers and Themes’ menu.


If your development plans fit within the zoning regulations you should consult with the Permits and Inspections division to determine what type of building permits will be required. You will also need to determine whether a Development Permit is needed or if you property has heritage value.

Rezoning Application Process

If a development concept does not meet the use or density of the existing zoning, then a rezoning is required. The following resources specify under what circumstances a rezoning may be appropriate:

The rezoning application process involves back and forth communications between the applicant, staff, the Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC) and the Committee of the Whole.

The following is a summary of the rezoning process: