Site Servicing

Site servicing plans are required for all building permit applications where such work will affect the building's use, servicing or access requirements.

Applications submitted without a complete site servicing plan, when required, will not be accepted with authorization from the Engineering Land Development Division.

A Site Servicing Plan must be to scale:

  • drawing scale not less than 1:100 metric for single family and duplex residential
  • recommended drawing scale of either 1:100, 1:200 or 1:250 for commercial and multi-residential

And shall include:

  • property lines, rights-of-way and easements, address and street names
  • all existing and proposed street features (street lights, utility poles, trees, hydrants, sign posts...)
  • all existing and proposed underground and overhead utilities (hydro, communications and gas), and municipal services (storm drain, sanitary sewer and water) see sample plan
  • existing, proposed and redundant driveway crossings with dimensions from property lines
  • curbs, gutter sidewalks and onsite parking
  • Plus items detailed in the following:

  • Site Servicing Plan - Type A (Residential) 
  • Site Servicing Plan - Type B (Commercial)