Summary of Fees

A complete application includes payment of fees. The fees for development applications are set within the Land Use Procedures Bylaw. Please refer to this Bylaw for complete details. Fees are based on the type of application. All fees are calculated based on proposed development, not existing. If an application is withdrawn, a portion of fees may be refundable depending on what stage in the process the application is at. Staff can advise on this matter. An application may require one or more of the fees listed in this summary. The types of fees include:

  • Community Meeting Fee
  • Base Fee
  • Public Hearing Fee
  • Opportunity for Public Comment Fee
  • Resubmission Fee

Community Meeting Fee

Before submitting an application to initiate changes to the Official Community Plan or the Zoning Bylaw the applicant must arrange and participate in a community meeting not more than six months in advance of the application submission date. A pre-application fee of $800 is required for notification and administrative costs of a community meeting for a rezoning application or $2400 if the application involves an Official Community Plan amendment.

Base Fee

For an application where all of the dwelling units proposed in the development are affordable housing dwelling units, no base application fee or variance fee is required. For an application where a portion of the dwelling units proposed in the development are affordable housing dwelling units, the base application fee and variance fee are reduced based on the floor area of affordable housing units as a percentage of the total floor area of the building. Fees are not reduced for floor areas associated with common areas, parking or amenity space. The affordable housing must meet both of the following conditions: 

  • be part of a development wholly owned and operated by a registered non-profit residential housing society or government agency, or operated by a registered non-profit residential housing society or government agency pursuant to a legally binding arrangement with the property owner; and

  • be subject to a housing agreement with the City, or a covenant in favour of the City, securing its use as a below-market housing unit in perpetuity

Public Hearing Fee

If a rezoning or Official Community Plan amendment application is advanced to a Council Meeting, an additional fee of $1,800 for public notification is required and payable at Development Services before setting a Council date. This fee can be paid earlier if the applicant wishes to do so.

Public notification is required before Council adopts a bylaw to:

  • amend the zoning bylaw
  • amend the OCP
  • amend a land use contract, if the amendment relates to density or use of an area covered by the contract
  • enter into or amend a heritage revitalization agreement, if the agreement or amendment would permit a change to the use or density of use that is not otherwise authorized by the applicable zoning.

Opportunity for Public Comment Fee

If Council is providing public notification or an opportunity for public comment for a Development Permit with Variances or Development Variance Permit application, an additional fee is required and payable at Development Services before setting the date for Council’s consideration of the application. This fee can be paid earlier if the applicant wishes to do so. The Opportunity for Public Comment Fee is $1800 for a temporary use permit or $200 for any other application that requires variances. This fee is not required if there is a concurrent public hearing for a rezoning.

Council may provide an opportunity for public comment before passing a resolution to issue:

  • a development variance permit, other than a permit that varies a bylaw under Section 526 of the Local Government Act
  • a development permit with variances
  • a heritage alteration permit with variances; or
  • a temporary use permit.

Resubmission Fee

Please note that a fee of $500 will be charged for resubmissions that do not address or are not in response to the requirements set out by staff, advisory panels or Council.

Additional Considerations

  • This fee calculation is used for any use other than residential as well as proposals for mixed use that include residential.

  • The base application fee to allow any “storefront cannabis retailer” use is the greater of $7500 and the applicable application fee.

  • With the exception of development permit applications in Development Permit Area 15F: Missing Middle Housing, for concurrent rezoning and development permit or heritage alteration permit applications for a single family, duplex, or triplex application, the development permit and heritage alteration base fee is not required.

  • For a heritage alteration permit in which the proposed development is for a single family dwelling or a duplex: (a) If there are no variances, no application fee is required; (b) If there are variances, the base fee is not required, but the fee for each variance is $250. 

  • The base application fee for a development permit for subdivision only is $250 for each new lot that is proposed to be created in the application.

Additional Deposits

Additional deposits may be required depending on the type of application.