Permits, Development & Construction

Before starting a new construction project, you must get all necessary permits and permissions to do so. What’s required depends both on the type of project and the location of the project.

First, you’ll need to determine if your project requires development approval before applying for a building permit. To determine this, you will need to know the development permit area, zoning and heritage status of your property and what is allowed in that zone. If the work you would like to do doesn’t require a development permit, heritage alteration permit or rezoning, Building & Renovating will help you apply for the required permits — if any are required at all.

For many commercial, industrial, multi-family, garden suite, small lot, duplex, and panhandle lot properties, you will need a development permit before applying for a building permit. 

Building & Renovating

Apply for building and other permits, inspections, secondary suites and house conversions if you do not require rezoning or Development Permits

Rezoning & Development

Learn if your project requires a Rezoning or Development Permit

Subdivision & Land Development

Learn about creating several lots from one or more parcels, creating strata lots, readjusting existing property lines, and consolidating properties

Heritage Conservation

Learn about heritage conservation, designations, incentives, and the Heritage Register


Zoning bylaws divide the City into different types of land uses and regulate the types and sizes of buildings allowed in a particular zone.

Development Tracker

Stay informed on developments happening in your neighbourhood and community

Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan provides long-term vision for growth and change in the community. It guides land management and development in the city.