Animal Control & Licences

Regular patrols of City parks and public spaces are conducted by Victoria Animal Control Services to ensure dogs and dog owners are acting responsibly.To report an issue, call Victoria Animal Control Services at 250.414.0233 or email Read the Animal Responsibility Bylaw for more information about animal control.


Dog Licences

All dogs over the age of four months must be licensed in the City of Victoria.

 A licence helps identify your dog if they go missing and is the fastest way to get reunited. Hundreds of dogs are reunited with their owners each year in Victoria because they were found wearing a current licence. 

Owners of licensed dogs avoid paying an extra penalty if their dog is impounded. Owners of unlicensed dogs can be fined up to $125 per day for non-compliance.

Dog licence fees help to offset the costs of operating an animal control and pound service, which shelters, feeds and provides care for lost and injured animals. Licence fees also offset the cost of dog waste bags provided in City parks.

How to Licence Your Dog

You can renew your dog licence online or at various locations around the city.

Please note: If you are licensing your dog for the first time, you must visit one of the locations below in person to purchase a licence. If your dog is neutered or spayed, please provide documentation to receive a reduced rate.

Renew your dog licence online

Dog Licence Vendors

2024 Licence Fees

TimingLicence typesCost
January and FebruaryNeutered or spayed dog$30
Unaltered dog$40
March to DecemberNeutered or spayed dog$50
Unaltered dog$60