Major Community Initiatives and Events Grant

The Major Community Initiatives and Events Grant (MCIEG) provides financial support for major community initiatives and events that align with the City of Victoria’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan objectives and priorities.  

The MCIEG is intended to be used for events and/or initiatives that are not eligible for other City funding, included but not limited to the City's Festival Investment Grant Program, Cultural Infrastructure Grant Program or the Victoria Music Strategy Grant Program.  

MCIEG funding provides support for major community celebrations, major destination event hosting, event sponsorships and community initiatives.

2024/25 Major Community Initiatives & Events Grant 

The City’s Major Community Initiatives and Events Grant program is now open for applications.

The City will fund up to 50 per cent of the total project expenses up to a maximum of $250,000 per request. For major event applications, applicants may seek both cash grants and city service support (policing, safety, festival equipment, etc.).  

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Events must be accessible to the public and attract a significant number of people. Ticketed events can be considered eligible provided a significant public free component is included.
  • Events must have a budget with more than $100,000 in direct cash expenditures with diverse revenue streams and a proven track record of successful large-scale projects completed; and
  • Events must have significant economic or cultural impact on the community.

Read the grant guidelines for a complete list of eligibility criteria.

How to Apply

STEP 1: Read the Major Community Initiatives and Events Guidelines.

STEP 2: Ask us for assistance if needed. Staff can help applicants who have limited grant writing experience or resources. If you are applying, please also set up an application meeting by emailing

STEP 3: Complete the online application form and budget template. Please email any other required or optional materials. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all the funding has been allocated.    

Major Community Initiatives & Events Grant Guidelines

Before applying for this grant, please read the Major Community Initiatives and Events Grant Guidelines. The information is available for review as a PDF or on this page below. If you have any questions, please email