My Great Neighbourhood Grants

My Great Neighbourhood Grant projects are all about building community. The program provides residents with funding for initiatives that develop and enhance a sense of community in their neighbourhood. 

The City grants up to $7,500 for placemaking and community resilience projects and up to $1,500 for events and activities. The community must match the funding through volunteer hours and/or other funding and in-kind donations. Community involvement is an important part of each approved project.

Click here to watch a recorded session about the My Great Neighbourhood Grant program. 


The intake for 2023 grants is now closed but will reopen in the new year for 2024 grants. The steps below outline how to prepare an application: 

  1. Review the My Great Neighbourhood Grant Application Guide and Grant Policy: 
    My Great Neighbourhood Grant Application Guide [PDF/334KB]
    This guide includes all the questions from the appliation so you can be prepared once you're ready to apply.
    My Great Neighbourhood Grant Policy [PDF/681KB]
    This document provides more details about the grant, funding categories and types of eligible projects.
  2. Book a pre-application call with a member of the Neighbourhoods Team. They can answer any questions and help you refine your application.
  3. Review the Application Readiness Checklist [PDF/129KB]
  4. Complete the Online Application Form.
    When the application intake is open, there will be a link to the online application form here.


Projects that meet the following criteria and goals are best fitted for this program: 

  • initiated and implemented by local residents 
  • animate community space 
  • create gathering spots or activities that bring people together
  • promote community development 
  • serve as a neighbourhood improvement campaign 
  • serve as a pilot project for a larger scale idea

Any not-for-profit organization, school or group of residents can apply. A sponsor is required for those without not-for-profit status. Projects must take place within the City of Victoria.