Safety Reminder: Open fires not permitted in Victoria

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Driftwood burning in an out-of-control beach fire along Dallas Road.

The Province of B.C. has announced a fire ban coming into effect on Friday, May 17 for the South Island. However, in Victoria, open fires are not permitted at any time of year. 

Natural gas or propane fires are only permitted in parks or beaches for cooking food – no fire rings are permitted. Portable grills, camp stoves or barbecues must be kept two metres away from any structure and cannot be set up in playgrounds, sports fields or on walkways or pathways.

Beach fires are a serious risk for residents, pets, nearby homes and coastal ecosystems. The Fire Department responds to about 200 beach fire calls each year that can be difficult to access. Beach fire fines range from $350 to $2,000.

To report a beach fire, notify the Fire Department by calling 911.