Victoria’s First Electric Fire Truck Arrives

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VICTORIA, BC — The City of Victoria’s first electric fire truck has rolled into its new home at the Fire Department Headquarters today.

The newest addition to the firefighting fleet, the Rosenbauer RTX, is an agile and climate-friendly emergency response vehicle with enhanced features and safety for Victoria’s firefighters. The new fire truck marks a milestone in the City’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by electrifying or renewably powering 80 per cent of its vehicles by 2040.

“Adding this electric emergency response vehicle to the fleet marks a historic moment and start of a new era for Western Canada’s oldest fire department,” said Victoria Fire Chief Dan Atkinson. “Our fire department is proud to be a leader amongst Canadian municipalities with one of the country’s first electric fire trucks.”

This state-of-the-art electric fire truck combines the latest technology, intuitive features and a fully customized design that embodies the future of firefighting. This makes it more responsive and adaptable to various firefighting and emergency response scenarios, plus it is more ergonomic and causes less exposure to harmful emissions for frontline crews.

The truck is expected to run 95 per cent of its calls in full-electric mode with zero emissions and virtually no noise. An onboard diesel engine will automatically engage when the battery drops below 20 per cent during an extended firefighting response, ensuring no break in service. This truck will help reduce emissions by about 20 tonnes per year and lead to a cleaner, quieter and healthier city.

The new electric fire truck is expected to be in service this summer, once all staff have completed their hands-on training, getting to know the new equipment and layout.

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New electric fire truck at the Victoria Fire Department Headquarters