Request to Address Council Form

Please note that all presentations are held at a public meeting, therefore, your name and topic will be added to the agenda, which is made available to the public and posted on the City of Victoria's website. Your personal contact information will not form part of the agenda, but may be released pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

By resolution of the Victoria City Council, any individual or delegation wishing to address Council is permitted to do so, only where previous written application for such hearing has been made. Each speaker is required to submit this form or provide a letter clearly outlining the subject matter to be discussed and the action being requested of Council. Complete and submit your request to address Council to Legislative Services by 11:00 a.m. on the Wednesday the day before the scheduled meeting. To ensure the Council receives your submission with their full agenda package, please submit it by 4:30 p.m. on the Monday two weeks before the Council meeting. Requests received after this time will be added to the Amended Agenda produced the Wednesday immediately prior to the Council meeting.

Speakers or delegations are limited to a maximum of five (5) minutes to present their material. Speakers may speak on more than one topic within the allotted five (5) minute period. The first six speakers' requests will be placed prior to the HEARINGS section of the Council meeting, all other speakers' requests will be added to the second section, which takes place after the HEARINGS section of the Council meeting. Council must pass a resolution to permit you to address the meeting. On a majority vote of Council, you will be invited to make your presentation. Please come forward to the podium when your name is announced.

The Council bylaw states Council must not permit a delegation to address a meeting of the Council regarding:

  • a bylaw or permit in respect to which a public hearing has been held or has been scheduled for a future date; or
  • the promotion of commercial goods or services.

Audio-Visual Presentation Guidelines

  • The Council Chamber is equipped with a laptop which projects images onto the screens in Council Chambers. The laptop is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Media Player, as well as VLS Media Player.
  • Presentations must be received when the Request is submitted to allow staff to ensure the presentation will work on the City's equipment.
  • It is recommended that presentations should be a minimum of 24 point type, preferably in Arial font, to maximize ease of viewing.
  • The front page should indicate the subject matter, presenter's name, title and date of presentation.
  • AV presentations should summarize the information being presented by the speaker.

Part 1 - Presentation Information


Part 2 - Contact Information

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If you do not see the Request to Address Council Confirmation page after submitting this form, please contact Legislative Services at to ensure that your form has been received.