Inclusive City

We are committed to removing barriers for all people so that everyone can access and fully participate in City services, spaces and programs. We seek to be a city where everyone is included, welcomed and respected. 

We strive to treat everyone fairly and ensure that all people benefit equitably from City policies, programs and services.  We are committed to ensuring we hear all voices as we make decisions. 


The City of Victoria is a welcoming community and home to a large number of newcomers, immigrants and refugees representing a diversity of cultures, ancestries, languages, identities, and faiths. It strives to be a place where everyone feels they belong and are supported.  

As a Welcoming City, Victoria aspires to be an inclusive community where barriers to City services are removed and everyone thrives. Informed by community effort, the Welcoming City Strategy is a road map to support newcomers’ sense of belonging through social, cultural, economic, and civic participation. 

The Strategy and Action Plan are stewarded by the Welcoming City Advisory Committee comprised of members representing diverse perspectives and lived experiences.  

Gender Diversity  

Victoria is the most gender-diverse urban centre in Canada (Census 2021). Through the Transgender, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit Inclusion Plan (TNB2S+), the City identifies conditions for safe, equitable and affirming gender identity and expression within city facilities and spaces and programs, policies and procedures. The City’s commitment to gender diversity touches on everything from all gender inclusive washrooms and change rooms, free menstrual products to incorporating TNB2S+ needs into recreational programming. The Welcoming City sticker displayed on City facilities doors and windows and adopted by many business organizations and community agencies re-affirms the message that that people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions are valued and respected.  

International Decade for People of African Descent 

The City of Victoria acknowledges and recognizes the International Decade for People of African Decent (IDPAD) 2015-2024 for the purpose of promoting respect, protection and fulfillment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of people of African descent, as recognized in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.  

Through the IDPAD initiative, the City is committed to promoting equitable outcomes for individuals and communities of African decent. The work is championed by the IDPAD Advisory Committee members representing a range of ages and lived experience in issues that racialized communities experience8. The Committee also administers the IDPAD Youth Grant program – an annual grant aimed to support and empower youth of African descent in Victoria.  


Nearly one in four residents in the City of Victoria is 65 years and older. The City strives to being age-friendly and accessible so that seniors can lead healthy and active lives and stay involved.  

To promote and incorporate age-friendly principles, the City in partnership with community partners developed its Seniors' Action Plan. Actions focus on a range of areas and include outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, communication and information and other.  

In addition to the plan-focused efforts, The City offers seniors targeted programming through its partners at Cook Street Village Activity Centre, James Bay New Horizons Centre and Victoria Silver Threads Seniors Centre.


Children, youth and families are at the heart of vibrancy and resiliency of the Victoria community. As the population grows older, the City of Victoria is ensuring its programs, services and spaces are children - and youth- friendly.  

Our recreational programs provide inclusive and meaningful recreation opportunities to children and young people. Click here to learn more.  


The City of Victoria is working to ensure accessible, affordable and quality childcare is delivered in the city. The Child Care in Victoria report (2020) provides information about the child care needs within the City and identifies space creation targets over the next 10 years.  


The  City of Victoria Youth Council is a youth-driven, grassroots program funded by the City of Victoria and hosted by  Volunteer Victoria. Youth Council offers opportunities for young people to get involved and act as young leaders in their community. Council members lead the Youth Strategy11 , support city departments with various initiatives and coordinate community-based projects.