Poet Laureates

Victoria's Poet Laureate and Youth Poet Laureate serve as literary and cultural ambassadors.

About the Poet Laureate

Over a two-year term, the Poet Laureate produces three new original works each year. These works reflect ideas and issues of importance to the people of Victoria. 

The Poet Laureate carries out the following duties:

  • recites poems at City events, Council meetings and the annual Victoria Book Prize Awards Gala
  • hosts poetry events in the community and serves as a mentor for the Youth Poet Laureate
  • works with the Greater Victoria Public Library on readings and workshops

The 'people's poet' was established by the City Council in December 2006. Carla Funk served as the inaugural poet laureate. Other previous poet laureates include Linda Rogers, Janet Marie Rogers, Yvonne Blomer and John Barton. Each have brought their unique voice to the creative expression of Victoria’s identity.

About the Youth Poet Laureate

The Youth Poet Laureate position seeks to give the community access to strong youth voices. The Youth Poet Laureate will present original and new work to the City of Victoria Council. They will also organize community youth poetry events to encourage peer-to-peer education.

Created by the Victoria Youth Council in 2013, this position was the first of its kind in Canada. The role has since paved the way for many emerging poets and writers to engage with the community on a civic level.

Two-Year Term

Applications for Poet Laureate positions closed in February 2023. Each selected applicant will serve a two-year term from April 2023 to April 2025.