Poet Laureate Marie Metaphor Specht

Marie Metaphor Specht is Victoria’s current Poet Laureate for 2023 to 2025. This honorary position celebrates literature and poetry in the capital city.

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Specht is a spoken word poet and multidisciplinary artist whose work has been published in Oratorealis, Untethered MagazineThe Chestnut Review, The Hellebore and Room Magazine among others. She regularly performs at a wide variety of venues ranging from arts festivals to literary events and poetry slams.

Specht has collaborated with musicians, filmmakers and lighting technicians to create complex and interactive works. Her first full-length book of poetry, Soft Shelters, will be published with Write Bloody North in fall 2023.

“Poetry is a way of reaching towards each other; of closing the spaces between us,” says Specht. “I believe that creativity is our shared human birthright and any artform with an audience is a means to foster connections between people; an opportunity to see and hold each other in our complex histories of joy and suffering. This work is how we imagine a way forward; how we birth new worlds. Our communities flourish through intrepid acts of beauty, through the incredible power of stories shared.”

For more information about this program, or to contact the Poet Laureate, email culture@victoria.ca.

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