Climate Action

The City of Victoria is responding to the climate crisis by taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the community’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.

In March 2019, Victoria joined jurisdictions across the world in declaring a climate emergency, recognizing the severity of climate risks and the need for bold and sustained action to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change. In response, accelerated action to rapidly reduce emissions continues to be implemented with the target of achieving an 80 per cent reduction in community greenhouse gas emissions from 2007 levels and a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050. 

Achieving these targets will require bold action to overcome barriers and unlock opportunities for emissions reductions, but the City cannot do it alone. This section also provides resources for residents who want to do their part to reduce emissions and make our community more resilient.

Active Initiatives

Learn about current climate initiatives, including how you can get involved.

Climate Friendly Homes

Learn how you can increase energy efficiency and decrease emissions from your home.

Greenhouse Gases

Learn how the City tracks greenhouse gas emissions and the progress made towards meeting our climate targets.

Rebates & Resources

Learn about current rebates and resources that can help you take action on climate change.