Climate Friendly Homes

Learn more about how you can increase the energy efficiency and decrease the emissions from your home. The City of Victoria encourages all residents to take advantage of the available incentives and retrofit support programs to make their homes more climate friendly.

What Makes a Climate Friendly Home?

A climate friendly home:

  • uses an electric heat pump for efficient heating in the winter and cooling in the summer
  • has an induction stove for fast, safe and cleaner cooking
  • has an efficient electric hot water tank or heat pump hot water heater
  • is well-insulated and draft-free for greater comfort and the lowest possible energy bills
  • has no appliances or systems that burn fossil fuels, such as natural gas, propane or oil

Some possible upgrades to make your home more climate friendly include:

Ready to get started? The Home Energy Navigator is a free program created by local governments in BC to engage and support homeowners throughout their home retrofit journey. Participants are connected with an Energy Concierge, who will be available throughout their retrofit project to answer questions, provide support and give local, expert advice and guidance to navigate the complex world of home energy retrofits.

Climate friendly homes can also play a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation by facilitating electric vehicle (EV) readiness.