EV Readiness

The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming, and having an at-home charging option is a major factor influencing peoples' decision to choose an EV.

By making the switch, we can make our air cleaner, combat climate change and enjoy quieter streets. The City encourages all drivers to consider EVs as a way to cut down on the 40 per cent of community greenhouse gas emissions that come from transportation. 

Starting in July 2020, new residential and commercial buildings are required to have outlets capable of charging an EV. For further details, read below or see the Technical Bulletin.

More Information

  • To learn more about EVs, including technology, vehicles types and available incentives, visit PlugIn BC.
  • For more information on the various ways to manage energy for EVs, check out this report published by the City of Richmond and BC Hydro. 
  • Learn more about managing EV charging infrastructure in residential strata buildings on Metro Vancouver’s EV Strata Condo page.